Add new WooCommerce checkout field

WooCommerce checkout page is modular. We can easily add new checkout field or edit existing fields or remove existing fields. There are two ways to add custom field in checkout page. They are: using woocommerce_checkout_fields filter and adding a custom field on certain locations. woocommerce_checkout_fields makes it very easy to… Read More »

Empty WooCommerce cart after successful order

WooCommerce by default empties cart when an order is placed successfully. But there are some plugins and/or themes, which alter this default functionality, and keep items on cart even after an order was completed with successful payment. While this can be useful for more sales, it is also can be… Read More »

Show used coupon details in WooCommerce order email

You may need to show coupon details in the WooCommerce order email. This option is not available by default. We can use woocommerce_email_after_order_table action hook to show used coupon details in order email. This will show coupon details after the order table in the order email. We can get coupon… Read More »

Show sold out badge on WooCommerce search result

Previously we have learned how to show sold out badge on WooCommerce store and archive pages. But that method does not work on search results. We have used woocommerce_before_shop_loop_item_title action hook for store page and category/archive pages. But this hook is not available on search result page. So we will… Read More »

Show sold out badge to WooCommerce Store

If you are looking for a sold out badge for WooCommerce store out of stock products without a plugin, you are at the right place. Keep going through the article to easily accomplish your goal. A nice ‘sold out’ badge on products image, on the shop page or product category… Read More »

How to add purchase note to WooCommerce order email

During checkout on WooCommerce, customer can add a note. This note is visible for admins on order edit screen of WordPress admin. After placing the order, customer receives an email with order details. This email does not contain that purchase not. But did you ever needed to show this note… Read More »